Winter vacation activity bonanza by Likhavat Academy

winter vacation activity

Just like clockwork this winter vacation Likhavat Academy has organised a bouquet of holiday activity for children as well as adults. Winter vacations are short and brief, just ten days only. Present cold wave conditions might keep you indoors. But let us run you through the list of activities which we have carefully curated.

Stylize ur Art in association with Likhavat Academy

Previously we had announced the opening of Likhavat Academy center in Paschim Vihar.

Pooja Gupta is an artist and a teacher. She has recently completed handwriting improvement and calligraphy courses from Likhavat Academy. She is an empaneled teacher from Likhavat Academy. Using her art skills and years of experience she is now fully poised to take classes on various subjects related to art and calligraphy.

Stylize ur Art , Paschim Vihar, Delhi has now grown into a full fledged activity center for children. This winter vacation, the following classes are planned

  • English & Hindi Handwriting Improvement
  • Calligraphy
  • 3D Calligraphy
  • Clay Modeling
  • Card Making
  • Carricature Drawing
  • Dot Mandala Art
  • Stencils Art
  • Abacus
  • Vedic Maths
  • Mastering in Tables
  • Robotics

For enquiry and registration please contact Pooja Gupta 9311005676, 9811309051

Hindi & English Handwriting Improvement at Shivalik Malviya Nagar

If you guys are looking for something specific, there is no better activity than a focused Handwriting Improvement course by Likhavat Academy. Available for English and Hindi handwriting, this course is a duration of ten days for one hour each. You shall see guaranteed improvement in speed and legibility. This course will basically help you to write better and faster. Kit will be provided by the Academy which consists of writing instruments and our customised syllabus. This course will be conducted by Avneet Kaur who is an empaneled teacher of Likhavat Academy and has three years plus experience in teaching handwriting improvement to children of all ages.

Avneet Kaur can be contacted at +91 9654827821. Classes will be conducted at Shivalik Malviya Nagar.

So have we got your attention and interest. To contact us, please drop a comment. We are also available on social media.

13 thoughts on “Winter vacation activity bonanza by Likhavat Academy”

  1. I saw that bad handwriting should be ragarded as a sign of an imperfect Education, and as a UPSC student nd I should give priority to perfection handwriting. Because it make impressive upon examiner as well as impact on lots of numbers

  2. Yes,we all know good handwriting gives us good Marks as well as teacher’s attention towards us. Grab this super opportunity at likhawat✌

  3. A Good Handwriting builts confidence and let’s a student express his answers in a clear and an apt manner. Thanks to Likhavat Academy and Nidhi Ma’am in making the kids work and improve their writing in a better way.

  4. Nothing can beat Likhawat Academy when it comes to creativity 👍They indeed bring out the best of your creativity…I can also vouch for their handwriting improvement skills for sure …Thank you Nidhi Mam 🤗

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