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As Delhi and India as a whole reel under a lock-down, we at Likhavat Academy have come up with online classes. This will keep your children active without the risk of moving out of your homes.

About Likhavat Academy

Likhavat Academy Pvt Ltd is a premier Institute in Delhi NCR. We conduct a range of courses relating to Handwriting Improvement and Calligraphy. We have more than 10 years of experience in teaching Handwriting Improvement and Calligraphy to hundred of students and teachers. Besides conducting regular classes, we have conducted teachers training and workshops to acquaint people with the nuances of handwriting and graphology.

Handwriting Improvement courses

Handwriting improvement course is available for a period of ten days for one hour each. Children face problem of legible handwriting while giving exams. In schools, they are not able to note down what is written on the black board. Our handwriting improvement course is guaranteed to give min 60% improvement over speed and legibility. Your children will get to finish their exams in time with a handwriting that is legible to teachers.

Handwriting Improvement course is taught by a panel of certified teachers from Likhavat Academy. All our teachers have one year plus experience. This course is available in both Hindi and English. The fess include a kit consisting of worksheets and book which explains the steps of handwriting improvement.

Calligraphy Classes

Likhavat Academy has a wide range of calligraphy courses covering all writing tools and styles. People from all age groups learn calligraphy from our institute. Similar to handwriting improvement, we have a panel of certified teachers who conduct these courses. All our courses are certified, at the end of successful completion will get a certificate.

Teachers Training Course

Use this vacation time for an excellent opportunity to get teachers training and become a certified teacher of Likhavat Academy. As a part of our empaneled teachers, you get to be part of a great family and great opportunity. We provide guaranteed placement and opportunities to teach in top schools and colleges with whom we have a tieup.

This is a great opportunity to become financially independent and earn while working from home.

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