Shivani Gupta’s Doodle art making waves in Likhavat Academy

Shivani Gupta has been associated with Likhavat Academy for a long time now. She is an empanelled teacher and completed her certification for teaching students on behalf of Likhavat Academy. But what is special about Shivani is that she is a doodling artist.

doodling art

This image is a Doodling Art created by Shivani Gupta She specializes only in Doodling art. Her USP is how to doodle with basic tools available at home like pen, pencil, scale and sketch pens. She also conducts online classes for people of all ages on how to create beautiful art work with doodling techniques.

Doodle is the oldest form of art where you can use lines and shapes to express yourself. Doodling is a way to express your innermost thoughts. Doodling is therapeutic but any person can do doodling. Shivani Gupta is also taking online classes on Doodle Art.

Likhavat Academy is versatile

In the past ten years of its existence, Likhavat Academy has been known for empowering teachers to grow and earn. Our unique teachers training program helps teachers to pick up tools of the trade and put them to commercial use. Likhavat Academy is a registered Pvt Ltd company and we have a structured syllabus ranging from Calligraphy to Graphology.

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