Once a part of the team, always a part of it


Knika Arora wanted to do something constructive and creative with all her time.  Her choice to not pursue a regular 9 to 5 Job ensured that she is a part of the Likhavat Academy.

After her graduation, Knika was sure that she would not do a typical job and thus she came in contact with Nidhi Gupta with the help of Aastha Kalra. As certified graphologist, her handwriting was analyzed and later it was suggested that she should become a teacher.

Being a teacher is not an easy job, one needs to take proper training and a specialized subject to teach and this is where Likhavat is not only a facilitator but also a training institute. Her journey changed her life.

1. Handwriting Improvement Course

The basic course helped Knika get the start she wanted. With help from a Business Mates Delhi member, she got her first student. And there was no looking back for a talented teacher and an artist.

2. Tie up of Likhavat Academy and G.D Goenka School, Model Town

The tie up with the school proved favorable for Knika, as she was assigned to take special classes to improve fine motor skills.

3. Calligraphy

Knika’s passion got her to move ahead with the training program where she learnt Typography, Doodle Calligraphy, Nib Pen Calligraphy & Marker Calligraphy along with her previous assignments.

4. Online sessions

Adaptability is the need of the hour. Amidst lockdowns, Knika adapted her training in the form of online classes. She made sure that her training did not go waste as she is currently conducting these classes via the internet.

Likhavat Academy is a pioneer in its field and the only Academy that does not only provide the certification courses but ensures placements. Knika Arora is now an empaneled teacher with Likhavat that enables her to carry on calligraphy classes under their name. The fonts and the course material have been copyrighted. With the Online classes Knika Arora under Likhavat Academy has now gone online.

Likhavat Academy is the only academy that has its set coursebooks and a registered institute. Teachers who have been trained under the teacher’s training program are given placement opportunities due to tie ups with various schools. And now it has gone online and thus has a global reach, to train and teach.

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