Lockdown lessons – even simple things can create art

doodling art

I am Shivani Gupta. I like art. But my focus remains on doodling art. It begins with something simple like random strokes of lines on a piece of paper. It can also get as complex as 3D patterns. Doodling can be done free hand which in that case we just need a pen or pencil. To add colour, you can use sketch pens. To get a more neater work you can use a scale.

doodling art

What is doodling art

Doodling is basically lines and ideas you draw on paper. It is supposed to be an expression of your inner self and the way your subconscious mind thinks. It is a type of art which you do without thinking when your mind is occupied elsewhere.

Doodling is a fun way of expressing yourself. It is also a brilliant way of experimenting and learning to draw. Doodling conveys a part of your personality not shown in any other medium of art. Doodling can reveal stress and improve productivity. Researchers speculate doodling helps the brain remain active. 

Why should you learn doodling art from me

It is very funny as to how I started doodling. I used to scribble on paper while speaking to someone over a phone call. I realized that sometimes my scribbling turns out to be a beautiful and nice pattern. At that time I did not know what it is called. One day I googled it and came to know all about Doodling. From that day onward, I started practicing doodling as an art form.

Aim of doodling is to relax and spark your creativity. Why should a child or any other person should learn doodling from me. The environment I learnt doodling was cheerful and amusing. A child reflects the environment in which it lives and learns. I teach children in such a way that they enjoy my company and the environment I create. I teach them very patiently and calmly which is natural to me.

My words

doodling art

This doodle art peacock feather has been made for a post on narisakti.com on the occasion of Janmasthami.

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