Handwriting Improvement and Calligraphy Classes in Paschim Vihar, New Delhi

paschim ivhar

Likhavat Academy is the foremost academy in Delhi NCR for Handwriting Improvement and Calligraphy. We are always looking to expand our reach in different locations in Delhi and beyond. In this endeavor of ours we are glad to announce the launch of our newest centre in Paschim Vihar.

About Pooja Gupta

Pooja Gupta is an artist and a teacher. She has recently completed handwriting improvement and calligraphy courses from Likhavat Academy. She is an empaneled teacher from Likhavat Academy. Using her art skills and years of experience she is now fully poised to take classes on various subjects related to art and calligraphy.

Handwriting courses by Likhavat Academy are carefully curated content to enable a student to improve his or her handwriting by upto 70%. It aims at speed writing, correct posture and holding of pen and much more. All those things which a student cannot be taught in a school. It boosts the confidence of your child. It also enables your child to stay at speed in the class by writing fast. During exams it gives the extra edge as a student to write legibly and complete the paper in time. Handwriting improvement courses are available both in English and Hindi. The course duration is ten days at one hour per day.

About Likhavat Academy

When nobody knew what Calligraphy was and how important was Handwriting and Speed Writing. In 2008, Likhavat Academy Pvt Ltd got the trademark. As The Director of Company, Nidhi Gupta bought this change of wind with her expertise slowly and steadily getting success over the years. Year 2014 turned the company in Pvt Ltd. giving recognition to the fields like Calligraphy and Handwriting Improvement where people are learning, excellent and making money as well.

Nidhi Gupta has give an acceptance to these fields which were  considered more than pastime earlier. At present with a lot of feathers in the cap, Likhavat Academy is associated with APJ, Cambridge, Shriram Global and American Excelsior. For students of all age group, our teachers are dedicated enough to impart quality education and help them to gain academic excellence and creativity.

We are an ever growing team of dedicated individuals who work with the sole aim of providing quality education of all aspect of calligraphy. Our team consists of calligraphers, commercial artists, educationists and consultants who collaborate on regular intervals to bring new and improved curriculum and methods of teaching-learning calligraphy.

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