Graphology Course from Likhavat Academy gave me the edge – Acharya Anuja Monga

In conversation with Acharya Anju. S. Monga on how the Graphology course by Likhavat Academy gives her an unparalleled advantage in her line of business.

Q 1 You are already a qualified Astro-numerologist & Vastu Consultant. Why Graphology?

Why not Graphology? I am a consultant and to be a consultant I need to understand my client from all perspectives. Graphology gives me an insight into my client’s mind.

Graphology is the study of a person’s character and behavior based on the handwriting. Knowing the personality of my client will help me guide him or in Astrology and Vaastu accordingly. It is an added benefit to create a deeper connection. Ultimately help the client in the best way possible.

Q 2 Why did you choose Likhavat Academy?

Graphology is not a course which you can find everywhere. To add on, most places it is a single person who is teaching it. Likhavat Academy on the other hand is a registered academy and has a structured syllabus for the course. At the end of the course you get a certificate and what is the best place to get one from the oldest Graphology Academy in Delhi and the most reputed one. With these certificate courses, I have an X-Factor that is helping my career.

Q 3 What was your experience with Nidhi Gupta?

Nidhi mam is inspirational and has lots of energy and patience to teach. But the best part about Nidhi mam is her experience. 15 years plus experience in graphology related cases. She has worked with corporate, govt agencies, education institutes and colleges. So while teaching with every step she has got apt examples so that we can understand better. Even if not understood, she has the patience to explain again  It was a pleasure learning about the different aspects of Graphology. In fact, it was Nidhi mam, who recommended that I complete this certificate and it has worked wonders for my career.

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