Graphology – aka Brain Writing


As we all know by now what is Graphology. It is also known as brain writing. The science of graphology lies in the fact that as your brain controls your motor limbs i.e. your hands and legs they open all areas of mind for it. Your conscious and subconscious thoughts all flow through the handwriting of an individual. So, Graphology is not restricted to a particular age group, it helps anyone who can write, draw or even doodle.
Graphology has been practiced for over centuries and today, there are more than 2,200 published works on handwriting analysis. Your handwriting reveals much more than you might imagine.

Let’s generalize and see how it can help a certain group of people:


Well every student tries to give their best but the results vary.
We believe that our mind is a powerful tool. It has the power to keep us healthy and the power to make us feel sick. It has the ability to block our potential or to allow us to soar to possibilities beyond our wildest dreams.
It literally has the power to create any reality!
Here Graphology plays an important role where we can self analyze ourselves and through Graphotherapy work on ourselves to make the best use of our brain, increase our potential and the ability to make our dreams come true or get good results in the case of students. It can also help students to chose the specific career where they can actually excel as the brain shows in the writing where a particular person is good at and therefore the students can save important years and time of their lives where they tend to waste time in order to experiment what is best for them.

Homemakers or mothers

Let’s see how it can help homemakers or mothers.
Everyone today is struggling with one or the other issue where they tend to suppress the feelings at the time and other time get hysterical about it. Being a Homemaker, I believe is the toughest job without pay, perks or holidays. Myself being a homemaker for almost 9 years of my life I understand how the women who chose to be homemakers are taken for granted.
Here also Graphology plays its role where we can analyze through handwriting that what’s is actually going on the person’s mind and how we can help them to work on their self-confidence and also help them motivate and evolve as a human being. The writing therapies just not help you be the best version of yourself but also helps to deal with stress.

Employers and Employees

Let’s take that example of employers and employees.
We all are moving so fast and are so dependent on gadgets, I have seen highly educated people who can hardly write not because they are illiterate but because they no more are in habit of writing. It’s a known fact that writing keeps your brain sharp as you get older. Handwriting sharpens the brain and helps us learn. Apparently, sequential hand movements, like those used in handwriting, activate large regions of the brain responsible for thinking, language, healing and working memory. So it’s very important in every era of life stick to the conventional way of living as it all has logic and a reason behind it.
So don’t you think that it’s so easy to be more productive, efficient and less stressed if we go by Graphology and Graphotherapy. Yes, it is true and it is effective. If the Employees will understand the importance of the handwriting they can get more efficient employees thus save time,t money and energy and if the employers can know its value they can be far more productive and stress-free! We, Graphologist, are trained to retrain your brain for happiness and success.

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