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Likhavat Academy was founded in 2008. Our Director, Mrs. Nidhi Gupta, a certified Graphologist and Writing Expert has set a benchmark in the field with her specialized and trademark courses. Likhavat is associated with Apeejay, Cambridge and Shriram Global and G.D. Goenka. We have a team of professional calligraphists writing experts and graphologists who aim at not only academic but an individual’s personal and professional growth as well. 

Integrated Development

Body, Mind & Soul when in perfect alignment is complete development

Likhavat aims at creating alluring handwritings but with that we believe in building virtuous personalities who can further serve the society in a righteous manner.

We understand the needs of students and parents as well for overall improvement and development of the child.

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Likhavat mainly deals with handwriting improvement, calligraphy and graphology, wherein all the courses are customized according to the need of the child/ individual with one on one teaching for better results. 

Handwriting involves patience, hard work and consistency. But we are ready to assist you with whatever you need for your handwriting.

Handwriting is an art, graphology is a science. Calligraphy is an artistic approach to build focus. In entirety, each compliments the other and now is the time to start your efficient evolution. 

"Consistency is the key to Growth"

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About the Director

Nidhi Gupta – Director Likhavat Academy – Certified Calligraphist and handwriting expert.

She has trained many people in the field and aims at making society a better place to live with by spreading her knowledge of handwriting. She’s not only a handwriting expert but a dedicated counsellor.